About Comite Resources, Inc.

Comite Resources, Inc. has been in business since 1998.  The company was started by Dr. John W. Day, Jr., Jason N. Day, and Joel Lindsey.  Comite Resources, Inc. has six employees, including:

          Dr. John W. Day - Jr., Chief Scientist,

          Dr. Robert R. Lane - Wetland Scientist and Project Manager,

          Dr. Rachael G. Hunter - Wetland Scientist and Project Manager,

          Mr. Joe Mistich - Manager and Head of Business Development

          Jason N. Day - Field Supervisor and Wetland Ecologist, and

          Joel Mancuso - Field Ecologist.

Dr. John W. Day, Jr.

Dr. John W. Day, Jr. is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the School of the Coast and Environment at Louisiana State University where he has taught since 1971.  Dr. Day has published extensively on the ecology and management of coastal and wetland systems and has over 100 peer-reviewed publications.  Since receiving his PhD in Marine and Environmental Sciences from the University of North Carolina in 1971, Dr. Day has conducted research on the ecology and management of the Mississippi Delta and the Gulf of Mexico.  For the last 25 years he has studied coastal ecosystems in Mexico as well.  Dr. Day has also worked in the Mediterranean investigating the impacts of climate change on wetlands in Venice Lagoon and in the Po, Rhone, and Ebro deltas.  

Dr. Day was a member of the National Technical Review Committee of the Louisiana Coastal Area program, the restoration program for the Mississippi delta, and served as chair of the committee from 2003 until 2005.  In 1998, Dr. Day received the School of the Coast & Environment Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award and in 2000 he received the Lipsey Professional Educator Award.  In 2003, the Estuarine Research Federation presented Dr. Day with the National William A. Niering Education Award.   Dr. Day was a member of the Working Group on Science for Post-Katrina Future Planning for Greater New Orleans and Coastal Louisiana established by the Headquarters of the Corps of Engineers.  He was chair of the Science and Engineering Special Team to provide input to the environmental community in coastal Louisiana.  He has lengthy experience in working with local governments and regulatory agencies.  Dr. Day's efforts in using alternative technology have helped local communities save millions of dollars.

Dr. Robert R. Lane

Dr. Robert R. Lane is a Wetland Scientist with Comite Resources, Inc. and is also a Research Associate in the School of the Coast and Environment at Louisiana State University.  Dr. Lane earned a M.S. in 1998 and a Ph.D. in Oceanography & Coastal Science in 2003, with a minor in Experimental Statistics. He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals concerning water quality and management of coastal and wetland systems. During his career at LSU, Dr. Lane has extensively studied the impacts of river diversions on coastal wetlands in regard to water quality, wetland elevation dynamics, wetland plant productivity, water column productivity, and soil pore water chemistry. He has also studied the effectiveness of other wetland restoration techniques, such as sediment fences, hydrologic alterations, and municipal effluent application.

Dr. Lane started working for Comite Resources, Inc. in 2002 and began studying wetland assimilation of municipal effluent. He is a contributing author on numerous Ecological Baseline Studies (EBS) of wetland assimilation of municipal effluent. Dr. Lane developed the experimental design for these studies. Dr. Lane oversees initial field setup, sample collection and data acquisition and finally assists in all analysis. He is the Quality Control Officer for several LDEQ and EPA funded studies.

Dr. Rachael Hunter

Dr. Rachael Hunter is a Wetland Ecologist with Comite Resources, Inc. and she joined the company in 2006.  Since 1993 Dr. Hunter has conducted research in the areas of microbial and plant ecology and soil and water nutrient cycling in freshwater wetlands. Her primary area of interest is the use of wetlands for assimilating nutrients and sediments in different types of wastewaters such as non-point source pollution (e.g., agricultural runoff) and treated effluents (e.g. secondarily-treated municipal wastewater).

Dr. Hunter earned an M.S. in Biology from Tennessee Technological University and a Ph.D. in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, with an emphasis in Wetland Biogeochemistry, from Louisiana State University. After graduating from LSU in 2000, she traveled to Thailand on a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship. In coastal areas south of Bangkok, she conducted research on nutrient mitigation of shrimp pond effluent using mangrove wetlands. In 2001 Dr. Hunter moved to Fort Collins, Colorado and began working as an ecological consultant for MWH, Global. She gained experience dealing with many types of land and water management issues unique to water-limited areas. In addition, a large portion of her time was spent in the development and use of ecological models. In October 2006, Dr. Hunter moved back to Louisiana and began working with Dr. John Day at LSU. The primary focus of her research is freshwater and coastal wetland biogeochemistry and restoration.

Joe Mistich

Mr. Mistich has 30+ years of experience managing commercial, residential, land, and infrastructure projects, I am your go-to construction and development businessman in Louisiana and the Southeast.
He is currently employed by Manti Resources, as Senior Vice President of Real Estate Holdings and Special Projects, while managing M3 Properties LLC (M cubed), a family company of Manti Resources and Comite Resources. He is co-owner of Axcess Construction and the former director of the Mandeville, LA Department of Public Works, where he oversaw water and wastewater services, streets, drainage, sewerage treatment, and general maintenance projects worth up to $120M. He currently oversees social outreach community projects for Manti Resources, including the Take Care initiative.  Mr. Mistich's academic achievements include a Master of Architecture (M1) degree from Tulane University, a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tulane University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) with an emphasis in Construction Management.  His construction and development accomplishments include:
***LEED Green Associate;
*** State licensed in residential, commercial, and industrial construction, electrical, commercial building construction, municipal and public works, residential construction, highway, street and bridge, and heavy construction;
*** Past President of Northlake Chapter American Public Works Association;
*** Former Top Ten Nationwide Public Works Leader of the Year Nominee; and
*** Current member of Architecture Institute of America.

Jason Day

Jason Day is a Wetland Ecologist and a partner in Comite Resources, Inc. As the field director for Comite Resources, Inc. he is in charge of activities pertaining to assessment, site development, and data collection and monitoring of all wetland projects. He has been with Comite Resources, Inc. since 1998. Mr. Day earned his B.S. degree in Zoology at Louisiana State University. He has worked in Mexico, Australia, France, Spain and Italy on wetland and avian ecological projects with multi-national teams. 

Mr. Day has conducted extensive research on the ecology and management of the Mississippi River Delta and co-authored several publications. In 2006, he earned a wetland delineation certificate from the Wetland Training Institute. Mr. Day is familiar with vegetation and wildlife analysis. He is well versed in many types of field equipment and vessel operation including state accepted certification for Airboat operation.

Joel Mancuso

Joel Mancuso is a wetland biologist for Comite Resources, Inc. He has been with the company since 2013. His duties are to assist with site assessment, site development, data collection, data input, and monthly monitoring of all projects. Joel earned his B.S. degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. There he studied under Dr. Gary Shaffer assisting in many wetland restoration experiments. He is skilled in the operation of many types of field equipment. He currently possesses a Louisiana Boater Education Program and Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator License.