Comite Resources, Inc.

Comite Resources, Inc. (CRI) was established in 1998 for the primary purpose of evaluating, designing, and monitoring assimilation wetlands in coastal Louisiana.  Assimilation wetlands lower nutrient and sediment concentrations in point and non-point source discharges (typically secondarily-treated municipal effluent) while benefiting from inputs of freshwater, increased productivity, and enhanced accretion rates.  

Comite Resources, Inc. delivers ecosystem solutions to every client by designing site-specific effluent strategies. Through a careful process of feasibility analyses and ecosystem baseline studies, CRI develops acceptable effluent management solutions and monitoring protocol for protecting the receiving wetlands. Comite Resources, Inc. engages the client with every aspect of the system, from the design, construction, and operation, to proper monitoring of their system. 

Scientists with CRI have over 100 years of combined scientific research and regulatory experience in wetland environments worldwide. This unparalleled experience is why CRI has been chosen by so many communities to be an integral part of their environmental project team.